5 Reasons You Should Use iconik and Backblaze B2

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Today we announced an integration between iconik and Backblaze B2 storage.

In the meantime, here are five reasons why we think iconik and Backblaze B2 is a winning combination.

1. Flexibility of the cloud

Cloud workflows have been much talked about but are suddenly gaining traction for a couple of reasons. The most obvious one is the flexibility cloud affords, enabling you to pay for what you need at any given time rather than needing huge infrastructure in place just in case. This is becoming all the more important as videos is no longer just the premise of large broadcasters. Video has become the most popular format for delivering all types of content. The main reason or this is it is the most effective way of telling stories, both for engaging with consumers and companies. It is hardly surprising then that as many as 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

2. Avoid huge costs normally associated with cloud storage

The main barrier for most of our customers when it comes to adopting cloud storage comes down the cost. The problem is that video files are huge and therefore if you move your entire media library into the cloud that can run to large volumes of data that comes at a cost. That is what we love about B2. With its pricing of just $5/TB/month, it makes cloud storage suddenly achievable, a candidate to replace many types of archive storage like LTO tape, nearline storage, local NAS, loose drives, etc. without compromising on reliability.   

3. Understand and predict the costs

The other important element is knowing what your costs are likely to be. Both iconik and Backblaze have simple and easy-to-understand pricing structures. You can scale up or down at any time and know that you will only be paying for what you use. And because the cost structures are simple, you will know what that will be.

4. Keep your content organised

This is where iconik comes in. It is a hybrid video hub for managing, sharing, and collaborating on media. It was designed to keep media assets secure and organized, whilst ensuring global access. By hooking up iconik to your B2 storage buckets, you can get a holistic overview of all your assets and full control of your content. On top of that you’ll get all the other benefits of iconik, including instant search and access, global collaboration, editorial workflows, access control/security, etc.

5. Collaborate

Global collaboration is something iconik does well. Many companies are having to share their video globally and often enabling global collaboration for review and approve. Because iconik was built for the cloud we make that easy, but we also


So, now it just remains for you to get signed up! Existing iconik customers and Backblaze customers can contact iconik at sales@iconik.io to set up their integration between iconik and BackBlaze, and get free 300 credits!

Read the blog post from Backblaze on the integration or register for our free joint webinar all about the integration here.