iconik - enhancing usability

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Our number one priority is to develop beautiful yet powerful solutions for media management. As such, we are continually refining our designs and solutions. With the latest release of iconik, we have introduced features that make searching and metadata management even more powerful than before.

Here is a quick overview of the most important updates:

1. New Design of Metadata Administration

Metadata management is essential for media management. If you don’t have proper metadata, you won’t be able to find your assets, simple as that! That is why we have redesigned our powerful metadata administration, a tool for admins to create and manage metadata views for their content.

With the new design:

2. Customizable Search Result View

We wanted to enable each user to configure their own tailored search experience. So now the administrator can set up default settings for all users, and each user can customize their own settings.

Here’s the overview:

3. ISG Improvements

How and where you store content is an important part of any workflow, especially in a hybrid cloud workflow. Therefore, we are continually updating and improving iconik Storage Gateway (ISG) to make the process of managing files easier than ever.

We’ve added support for archiving and restoring directly from the ISG node. Now you can initiate archive or restore transfers directly from e.g. AWS Glacier or Backblaze B2 to your on-premise ISG node.

We’ve also added support for parsing and adding folder names from the local storage as tags in the asset, so users can more easily search by folder names and find specific assets.

iconik screenshot for ISG tags

Ultimately, this release makes it easier than ever to navigate and use iconik, which we are sure will help save our customers valuable time. If you would like more details about the release, you can see the full release notes here.