iconik - making life easier with notifications

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iconik screenshot showing notifications

iconik is all about making life easier for users, so that they can concentrate on creating and delivering great video. This release sees the introduction of notifications for a couple of different scenarios:

  1. Firstly, we have introduced notifications that can let a user know when a job has finished. This is useful for those jobs that take some time to perform, as is the case when handling video. This could, for example, be transcoding or a file transfer

  2. Another important use of notifications is during collaboration. For example, if you have sent an asset for review and approval, you can get notified when a user user comments, approves or rejects it.

We also know that if you get too many notifications, it is very easy to start ignoring them, so you can setup exactly which notifications you want and whether you want them online or via email.

If you would like more details about the release, you can see the full release notes here.