Editorial Workflows

The Media You Need, Every time.

A missing image or video leave your story feeling incomplete. With iconik®, your entire media library is available from within the software you use now.

This Panel Will Change Your Life

The native Adobe panel will keep all your media at your fingertips when creating—a game-changer!

Quickly Search iconik

Open the original asset or a proxy version from the Adobe panel.

Add Content Directly

Once you find the asset you want, it can be added to Adobe projects directly from the panel.

Time-based Comments

Any time-based comments from iconik will follow your videos into Adobe Premiere Pro as markers.

Render Your Video

When it’s time to render your video, you can reconnect the hi-res files to your timeline if proxies have been used.

Publish Your Media

The iconik panel will let you upload your entire project files and final renders into iconik. From there, others can collaborate on the project, review and approve it, or give feedback.