Update | Warning Labels and More

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One of the things our customers have come to expect is a steady stream of new features. Iconik today is so much more than what it was only two years ago.

And in our efforts to keep iconik fresh, and our users happy, It’s time for a new batch of iconik updates!

Here’s what’s included in this update:

These updates will let you work faster and have more control of your data as you manage your media without skipping a beat!

Add Warnings to Your Content

Is there important information users should know before editing or sharing using your media?

Then use iconik’s warning labels to let them know. Warnings appear at the top of an asset. You can create warnings around usage restrictions, rights expirations, or anything else.

To add a warning label, create a warning metadata field with free text entry or a dropdown menu with options.

Another great way to use warnings is to trigger them with third-party solutions. You can do this with the iconik API.

warning labels in iconik

Block Shares and Downloads

When you want to be absolutely sure that content cannot be shared or downloaded, you can use the new blocking feature. Much like the warnings, you add asset blocking by creating a block field to add to your metadata views in iconik.

Just toggle it on, and the asset is secure.

Asset blocking in iconik Image: Creating a block option in the admin metadata editor

Streamline Data with Metadata Subcategories

A sports video and a news video will have data that is unique to them, so there’s no reason to show the same data fields for everything. To get the right info quickly, you need a way to filter out metadata.

Here’s how metadata subcategories help:

When you select a metadata subcategory for an asset or collection, it will offer only a subset of metadata views to only show the most important data.

You can build your own subcategories in the metadata admin page.

metadata subcategories in iconik

Find Deleted Files Fast in the Redesigned Recycle Bin

Oh no! You weren’t supposed to delete that.

No worries.

Go to the recycling bin where you will see a new design with tabs for assets, collection, files, and formats.

Searching from within the tab will let you find what you need faster without sorting through irrelevant files.

new recylcing bin in iconik

Want More?

Cloud-BasedUse Hi-res Proxies

You can choose the resolution and bitrate you want in the transcoder settings.

Cloud-BasedExport Files with Posters

Export files from iconik with posters as well as metadata and transcriptions.

Cloud-BasedImproved Webhooks

Iconik webhooks will now retry if there is no response to minimize lost hooks.

You can read more about this update with its features, bug fixes and all, in our release notes.