Update | Posters, a Better Jobs Page and More

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It can be a challenge to look at a tool you use every day and imagine how it could look better and be easier to use, but this is exactly what the iconik team does to keep iconik in a state of perpetual development.

Here are the newest updates!

So what’s new?

1. Posters
2. Updated Jobs Page
3. Accelerated ISG to ISG Transfers
4. Collection Breadcrumbs
5. Better Support for Azure Blob Storage

A lot of iconik users have asked for this first new feature.

Having a random frame as a video thumbnail could cause it to be overlooked when it is needed most. Not every scene is equally memorable, so picking the image that users will recognize is important.

Good thing iconik has posters!

new posters for media assets, collections, and placeholders in iconik

Now you can upload custom images or use video snapshots as posters. These will also become thumbnails that help you navigate your media with a clear visual representation. This means less scrubbing through clips, and more creating.

Posters can be used in a few different ways:

  • Use posters with media files
  • Use posters with collections—instead of a mosaic of assets
  • Use posters with placeholders

Posters are going to make browsing easier with more clarity to help you move through your library.

The jobs page is not new, but it has been improved a lot. It’s much easier to understand and customize.

Welcome to Your Dashboard

The jobs page dashboard is a place where you can create your own widgets. These can track failed jobs, a specific ISG, transcoder, and more. Whatever is important to you goes here.

updated jobs page in iconik

The Jobs page has three main functions:

  1. It gives an overview of all current jobs and job history in iconik
  2. It allows you to easily find and recover failed jobs
  3. It also allows you to set job priorities

With the new dashboard, you can do all these things with more ease.

Need to send a new batch of dailies to a NAS down the hall? Then it doesn’t make sense to toss it through the cloud.

ISG to ISG transfers in iconik

To manage files across multiple on-premise storages, you can now transfer files between ISGs with great speed and zero egress charges because the entire process bypasses the cloud.

There are two questions we never want you to have when navigating your media:

  • Where am I?
  • Where do I go from here?

Crawling deep into a forest of media collections and sub-collections can be disorienting. Following a share link that just drops you into the middle of a massive media archive can be equally confusing.

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

collection breadcrumbs in iconik

Collections in iconik now have breadcrumbs. This will help you navigate through collection structures with a clear map of where you’ve been. Parent collections are always visible in the iconik UI so you can see exactly where in iconik you are browsing.

We’ve allowed customers to use their existing storage with iconik from the beginning. Now, those with Azure Blob Storage will have more support.

This will enable:

  • Azure cloud storage scans in iconik
  • The ability to access Azure content from the iconik panel in Adobe products.

Wait, There’s More

Read our release notes to discover every new feature and fix in this update.

The World Needs Your Story

Moving out from 2020, we need stories of creativity and positivity more than ever. It’s our hope that new features like these will help creative teams tell the stories we all need to hear as the world starts to recover and move forward into 2021.