Update | New Features For the Adobe Panel, Access Rights, and More

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What’s the value of your media?

If it’s not the lifeblood of your organization, then it’s your story and your history. The value is tremendous, and that’s why we are committed to making iconik better. In this update, we’ve added some great new features to help you create, manage storage, and keep your media safe.

Here’s what’s new:

A Better Creative Experience with the Adobe Panel

Having iconik open in your Premiere Pro workspace can save a lot of time editing. Users can search as they would in iconik and then choose to add original or proxy versions of media to their timeline. Now it’s possible to open proxies for an entire collection. With a few clicks, an editor could have all the proxies they need to begin.

If you use Motion Graphics Templates (MOGRT) in Premiere, iconik can support that now. As you share and collaborate through the Adobe panel, your team can use whatever MOGRT that’s been shared. Tracking comments is important for editors, so iconik will update comments on clips that have already been imported via the Adobe panel. To see the location of an asset imported from iconik, you can also click reveal in Finder/Explorer in the panel.

These updates will soon be available at our Adobe Exchange page.

Import collection proxies from the Adobe Panel with iconik

More Peace of Mind with Sharing

Sharing in iconik is really easy, but what happens if you’ve given the wrong permissions to a share?

That’s easy, you just edit it.

Now you can change access rights on any share you’ve created. And if you need to send a share again, that link is in the share panel where you can copy it again. Now you have full command of sharing at all times.

A Files Panel You Can’t Get Lost In

An asset in iconik can have many formats and files associated with it. An original video could have an MP4 for 4k playback, another for social media, and multiple audio and transcription files. The new Files panel (formerly the Formats panel) will help to manage all of it in one place. This panel presents everything in a clean, easy-to-understand view. From here, you can even upload custom files and proxies to an asset.

The new and updated files panel in iconik

More Choices for How to Scan Storage

The ability to manage both on-premise and cloud storage with iconik is a game-changer. But when managing so many storage locations, you need options for how and what to scan. This update lets you do a couple of new things.

  • You can choose to not group identical assets based on file patterns. If your organization uses template files in multiple projects and locations, this would allow you to manage them each as different assets.
  • You can also choose to only group identical files from the same storage.

An ISG That Can Do More

The iconik Storage Gateway (ISG) is revolutionizing how organizations manage media. Now we’ve added even more functionality to the ISG with features like setting priorities for transfers and transcodes and re-mapping collection structures. If you’ve removed a mapped collection from the Storage Gateway, re-mapping will fix any mappings that are off.

Setting priorities for transfers and transcodes with the ISG

Easy-to-Manage Access Rights

Keeping media safe and saving you time is what iconik does. Admins already can manage access rights for every part of iconik, but now there’s more. Assets can inherit access rights from parent collections. Whatever assets you add to a collection will inherit its rights, and whatever you remove will lose those collection rights.

This update also brings ACL templates that allow you to define complex default permissions for file uploads and storage scans. With this feature, you could easily give a department or location-based team read access to everything ingested from a particular storage.

Assets can now inherit ACLs from their parent collections

Improved Transcription

More and more users have taken advantage of AI transcriptions since it was added to iconik last year. While AI does a great job of adding transcriptions quickly, it often requires the finishing touches of a person. Now, there is an additional feature to split transcriptions. If an AI accidentally attributes speech to the wrong speaker or has too much text in a section, you can divide and attribute that as needed.

Rev is the default AI service for transcriptions in iconik, and now they have trained their AI with human audio so it can support Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

More New Features

You will also have these new features to help you manage your media in iconik going forward:

  • The ability to duplicate metadata views and fields so you can create new metadata schemas faster
  • A new metadata field type for Email
  • A new webhook for downloading assets
  • A new option when copying a collection structure that will allow you to duplicate files by default
  • A detailed user report on the stats page to help you monitor activity in iconik

Iconik is finding itself more intertwined in the media and brands that we see every day. This brings a steady flow of new challenges and great insight that allows our team to know where media workflows are going next. This update will help you get there.

Want to see more? Read our official release notes.