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The world is in a season of extreme collaboration where remote working is the play of the day amidst social isolation and entire regions in lockdown. Today, iconik adds a few more features to connect creators around their media.


Getting a video right in the first cut can happen if your team is operating in “God-mode”, but for the rest of us, there’s going to be some revisions. Versioning will allow teams to give progressive feedback through creating and allow new versions to be added within a single asset.

Versioning in iconik allows you to:

  • Upload files as new versions
  • Choose an existing asset to become a new version
  • Merge an asset to become a new version
  • Add versions automatically through the iconik Storage Gateway (ISG)
  • Switch between versions to compare or review
  • Promote an older version
  • Delete a version or all older versions

This clear record of revisions and feedback will help keep media moving forward.

You’ve done it before—sharing something with just a simple link. Now, iconik can do that too. Of course, you can still email the shared assets or a collection directly from iconik as before, but copying links is your new option.

iconik share link

With link sharing, you can still control your shares with options like:

  • Showing metadata
  • Link expiration date
  • Allow downloads
  • Allow comments
  • Allow custom actions
  • Password protection

Now Admins Can Clean Up Files

Media comes and goes as you create, and sometimes this can leave traces in your content library. The new “Clean up” function for admins allows them to clear out missing files or assets with missing files.

iconik has the option to clean up files

If an asset is stored on-premise and managed by iconik via an ISG, deleting it from the on-premise storage could still leave parts of it in the cloud. Now it’s easy to wipe away all traces of content that has been removed.

Keep Creating

These new features will help teams stay connected and continue to create together even when many cannot work at their central location.

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