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Welcome to the first ever iconik blog post, or as we like to put it, where the story begins. Videos are all about telling a story and they are the easiest and most efficient way of communicating that story with your audience. That is true whatever the purpose, whether it is to entertain, educate, engage, motivate, or as part of a marketing strategy. iconik is about making sharing and collaborating on those videos effortless, so you can put all your energy into telling compelling and intriguing stories.

In a constantly connected world where consumers are demanding more content than ever before, leading players in any market must become masters of strategic storytelling in order to keep their competitive edge. That part our customers are already good at. Telling a good story begins with having a good story to tell. Using video to tell those stories, whether that is the latest drama series or a piece of really compelling video marketing, makes for much more engagement than other forms of media. It is the most effective way to connect with your audience, influence their behavior and share your stories.

500 million people watch videos in Facebook

The fact that over 500 million people watch video on Facebook every single day really goes to demonstrate the consumer appetite for video. No wonder then that it is becoming an increasingly important tool in the marketing toolbox, with 52% of marketers believing video to be effective for brand awareness.

That said, it doesn’t matter how good the story is if you can’t find it at the right time. That is what iconik is all about. It keeps your content safe and organized and enables global access and collaboration, at the same time as using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make it even easier than ever before to discover content.

Unifying Creative Minds®

In short, iconik means you can concentrate on unifying creative minds (no matter where they are) to create your most iconik work yet! If you want to find out how, check out the features or request a demo.